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AU: where Stiles tries to teach Derek his researching ways.

"Minutes", he said. "It’s gonna be fun", he said. Derek really wasn’t seeing the fun in watching Stiles sleep. He didn’t see the fun in googling and printing things for hours just to come up with "it could be something supernatural". Derek had been this short from swatting Stiles on the back of his head with that stupid laptop. He really had tried to show some patience but Stiles had just fallen asleep while he went to get more coffee and that was not okay.
To be honest, Derek wouldn’t want to trade sleeping arrangements with Stiles. Why he wasn’t sleeping on the bed would forever be a mystery to Derek. This position really couldn’t be that comfortable and Derek was sure that Stiles had ranked those papers he was drooling on as “very, very, veeery important”. Yes, he had insisted on the three e’s on the post-it Derek had stuck to the paper stack. With a low sigh Derek placed the two coffee mugs on the overfilled desk.
As soon as they were out of his hands, he didn’t know what he was doing here anyways. Stiles was mumbling incoherent things in his sleep that consisted of words like “wolf”, “moon”, “Scottie”, “Dad” and “sourwolf”. Derek really shouldn’t find it endearing but he did. He knew that Stiles probably did get as little sleep as any of them, maybe even less with the energy pumping through him 24/7. He tried to fight the little smile that was playing on his lips but it slipped out anyways. Luckily no one else was around because Derek would deny it vehemently. He did not find sleeping, mumbling, drooling Stiles cute. Never ever.

Whatever. He should’ve been done with all this shit hours ago!

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